Where Tradition Meets Excellence.
Full Choke Flyways is a hunting and lifestyle brand developed by two of the hardest-working guys you’ll ever meet. Justin Nunez and Mark Wheat are on a mission to educate, influence and partner with hunters of all kinds in the pursuit of excellence in their field. They live and breathe wildlife conservation, sportsmanship and the tradition to keep these tenets thriving for generations to come.
Services Provided:
Identity Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Design Execution
Custom Lettering Design
Apparel Design
Identity System Design
Gentleman of the Skies.
Too many waterfowl hunters and enthusiasts, the American Wigeon is known as the “Gentleman of the Skies”. Male American wigeons have a white patch from the forehead to the middle of the crown and an iridescent green band from the eye to the back of the head. These distinct and handsome features made it the perfect candidate as the subject of Full Choke’s identity.

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