Accelerating the Future of the Web. 

Web 3.0 innovation is suffering from a tech talent shortage, the disconnect between research and industry, and the lack of applied skill learning. To address this, N+1 offers a new model of tech education that blends applied learning, entrepreneurialism, and Web 3.0. N+1 takes a collaborative approach—students, faculty, and industries—creating a community to bring Web 3.0. to its full potential.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison came to me to help brand an arm of their Computer Sciences department - The N+1 Institute. Even though Web 3 has all but taken over most of the world's technological hemispheres, there seems to be a strong lack in education to teach individuals how to code and build products for the Web 3 world. The goal was to create an identity that encompasses what Web 3 means in today's world of tech and to be appealing for students of any tradition, age or background.
Services Provided:
Identity Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Design Execution
Identity System Design
Website Design
Brand Guidelines

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