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Venture Church asked me to join their team as Senior Graphic Designer during the spring of 2015. For the next three years, I was able to design and art direct a massive amount of campaigns, ministry branding, isolated identities and illustrations. Venture was and is an advocate for having top notch creative on their team. I also had a hand in updating Venture's primary mark when they moved their name from First Baptist Church Hattiesburg in 2012. 
Services Provided:
In-House Brand Strategy
Comprehensive Campaign Strategy & Design
Brand Design Execution
Social Media Design
Retail Merchandise Design
Environmental Design
Identity Design
Social Media Design & Illustration for a Venture Church Sermon Series.
Night of Worship. 

During 2017, Venture had the idea to create an entire branding campaign around their annual Night of Worship. I was able to create the identity, visual language and styling, photography standards and an icon system for the campaign. I was also in charge of designing all of the marketing pieces that were displayed across the city. 
I also designed the single artwork for Venture Worship's Here/There that was released live during Night of Worship in 2017.
Venture Worship's Here/There Single Artwork
Various identities and sermon series logos that I created during my time as Senior Designer at Venture Church.

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