Nothin' Says "Best" like Betsy's!
Betsy’s On Magnolia is an ice cream shop and bed and breakfast located in the heart of Downtown Laurel, Mississippi. Betsy’s was styled and named after the owner’s Royal Blue, 1963 VW Beetle. Betsy has become a familiar and friendly icon that can be seen driving up and down the streets of downtown. The task was to create an experience that matched the friendliness and warmth that Betsy has brought to folks in Laurel.
Services Provided:
Identity Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Design Execution
Environmental Design
Custom Lettering Design
Apparel Design
Identity System Design
Mascot Design
Website Design
Layout and Print
Make it Modern....With Sprinkles!
Betsy’s sits across the street from one of Laurel’s oldest carwashes. Fred’s has been in existence since the 1970’s and the site that Betsy’s sits was once one of the busiest gas stations in the town. The owners wanted to bring back the mid-century-modern look that the original building once had sitting across from Fred’s in the 70’s. I tried working through several solves that could match that modern vibe.
A System That Serves.
The mid-century aesthetic is the main driver in the Betsy’s system, but there are many layers and diverse executions that can be achieved as well. I wanted to cover the entire spectrum from serious to playful, to give the Betsy’s crew every tool that they need to bring the brand to life in the way that they intend to.

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