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Erin and Ben Napier ( HGTV’s Home Town) had an idea in 2015 to bring the sleepy downtown of Laurel, MIssissippi back to life. They dreamed of the streets being filled with shoppers and families much like the town used to operate in the 60’s and 70’s. They knew they could use their newly found fame with HGTV’s Home Town to set a spark in Downtown Laurel that has now changed it in an incredible way.

Laurel Mercantile is Erin’s dream store consisting of home goods, bath and body products as well as art crafted by local artisans and makers. Erin and Ben’s dream is to give life back to Small Town USA. They really have achieved it here in Laurel.

As Art Director from 2016-2020, it was my duty to oversee the use of the LMCo. brand, as well as design various branding campaigns for seasonal apparel releases. I was also in charge of overseeing the Scotsman General Store brand as well that is included in the LMCo. umbrella of brands.
Services Provided:
Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Brand Design Execution
Social Media Design
Retail Merchandise Design
Environmental Design
Laurel Mercantile Home
During the summer of 2018, Erin wanted to expand the Laurel Mercantile Co. to include a robust home goods line of products. She asked me to develop an identity system for “LMCo. Home” which is now the primary identity used for Laurel Mercantile Co.

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