Giving Small-Town America a Kickstart. 

HGTV & RTR Media asked me to develop a ground-up brand and graphics package for their show "Home Town Kickstart". The goal was to create a design system that reflected the classic American spirit and create an art-style that recalled old American hand-painted and fabricated signage. The deliverable list included full-scale branding and identity design, multiple locator lettering pieces as well as custom illustration work.
Services Provided:
Identity Design
Custom Lettering Design
Broadcast Compliant Design
Typographic System Design
Early Exploration Sketches for Home Town Kickstart
Everything From Scratch. 

I took it upon myself to develop a custom typeface for the show to be used in lower thirds and other marketing materials. "Kickstart Regular" was born from inspiration of 1940's and 1950's American roadside signage and travel pamphlets. I wanted to create a visual language that was comprehensive in translating that classic American spirit.

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