Pour Nous. Pour Tous.

The European League of Football is an exciting new league of American Football that was started in 2020 in hopes to bring the sport to a new demographic of growing fans across the pond. The league has had some powerful teams and players already rising to the top - but one of the most iconic cities in the continent still needed it's own identity within the landscape of the league. The owners of the Paris Football Team approached Rare in November of 2022 in helping develop a visual identity and rationale for the team.
It is without question that Paris is one of the most iconic cities in the world. There is also a story from this storied city and country with roots that run deep through generations. Paris prides themselves in the story of the Musketeers and their fierce motto: Pour Nous. Pour Tous. This was adopted unanimously as the name of their American Football team: The Paris Musketeers.

The RARE Design Team
Brian Gundell - CD/Designer
Ben Jones - Account Director
Jason Wright - Account Manager/Copywriter
Ethan Manning - Designer
Harry Richardson - Designer
Services Provided:
Identity Design
Brand Strategy

The Musketeer Cross.

The Musketeer Cross leads the way in its catalytic legacy of fearless leadership, resilient strength, and progressive exceptionalism. The symbol draws upon the rich cultural heritage of our place and our people. It represents a rich history. 
We incorporated a subtle Eiffel Tower into the cross. The sun rays historically represented the King of France, Louis XIV ‘The Sun King.’ He created the Musketeers while France led in an era of growth and prosperity for Europe. We are connecting that historical story to the existing icons of Paris… this extraordinary beacon of hope and light. 
The most important part of the cross that we wanted to get right were the fleur terminals. We wanted to create the most appropriate blend of historical accuracy and beautiful simplicity. The center of each fleur is also a subtle reference to the sabres that the Musketeers wielded. 
Early Exploration Sketches for the Paris Musketeers Identity
The final chosen system of marks for the Paris Musketeers. In order: Primary, Icon, Roundel and Secondary Fleur.

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