A Centennial Celebration. 

I was approached by the leadership at Laurel Rogers Museum of art to design and develop the centennial identity for the acclaimed museum. This accredited and celebrated space is a hidden gem in South Mississippi. They have pieces from many famous artists including: Josef Albers, Rembrandt and Andy Warhol.
"Today, more than 90 years after its founding, the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art continues as a memorial to a young man who stood at the threshold of his adult life, full of promise and high expectations. In the aftermath of his tragic death, his family determined to create a living monument to his spirit, his ability and the promise of his future. The Museum, they felt, would serve the community in ways that Lauren would have served it, had he lived. Their vision, generosity and commitment have endured in a Museum that opens its collections to the public six days a week, sponsors an extensive educational program and offers exhibitions that expose the members of the community to the best examples of art of its many forms." - LRMA Website
Early Exploration Sketches for the LRMA 100th Identity
The Final Chosen Identity for the LRMA 100th Identity

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