Finding the Groove. 

Groovehouse started with the vision of two small-town dreamers who sought to start a private music school in Hattiesburg, Mississippi from scratch. Justin and Amie Nunez had been teaching music out of their apartment when they had the monumental thought of taking their idea of Groovehouse to a brick-and-mortar level. These two mavericks of the Hub City brought their dream to life of bringing this "School of Rock" type of music school to students of all ages. 
While they were still in their apartment, teaching upwards of 100-hours a week, they approached me with the idea of giving an identity to their vision. The name Groovehouse was born and I was tasked with developing an identity as well as a visual language for the school. Justin and Amie were looking for something that was approachable but could also stand the test of time. We worked through several rounds of creative before we landed on a mark that we all thought could strike the right chord.
Services Provided:
Identity Design
Brand Design
Brand Design Execution
Environmental Design
These are a few early stages of the Groovehouse identity exploration.
This is the chosen Groovehouse identity lockup and icon.
Showcasing the Brand. 

In addition to developing the identity for the music school, I was also asked to build out several different graphic packages for their "Student Showcases" and "Battle of the Bands". Groovehouse hosts their showcases at a variety of different venues in the Hattiesburg-Lamar County area. The ultimate goal of Groovehouse is to help students to "Find their groove" in being able to perform for live audiences. The "Groovehouse Goes 90's" night system was particularly fun to bring to life.
Window illustration treatment by Noble Motive

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