History in the Making.
NASCAR hosted the Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum at the infamous Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The project included naming, branding and executing design at-track and with fan-engagement. This was the first time in the coliseum’s history to host a stock car race.
The RARE Design Team
Rodney Richardson - Principal/CD
Marie Siegfried - Account Director
Jason Wright - Account Manager/Copywriter
Ethan Manning - Designer
Cody Bass - Designer
Ben Barnes - Designer
Services Provided:
Identity Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Design Execution
Environmental Design
Crafting the Clash.
The LA Memorial Coliseum has a variety of visual elements for inspiration in crafting the visual language for The Busch Light Clash. The unique and iconic architectural structure of the entrance, and texture of the stucco that lines the walls of the interior provided an excellent foundation to build brand assets.

Due to the historical nature of this event, I explored several variations of commemorative seals and badges to match the elevated feel of the race. Even though the client went in a different direction, it was an enlightening process in researching commemorative marks.
The Finishing Touches.
I was also involved in designing the finish line, rumble strip striping, truss banners, victory lane signage and a mid-race concert that Pitbull performed for the fans. This was truly a full-scale branding project.

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