Distinctly Masculine. 

Laurel Mississippi is full of rich heritage and culture. The Eastman-Gardiner and Lindsey family stories are deeply baked into the fabric of the city and their legacy has impacted how Laurel is represented today.  Guild & Gentry is a gentleman's store that tells the story of the marriage of these two sides of the great story of Laurel.
Services Provided:
Identity Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Design Execution
Custom Lettering Design
Environmental Design
The Guild. 

The Guild would do more than support the great dreams of our Iowa fathers; they would open their eyes to great opportunity and seize it with vigor.
Their inventions would transform the lumber industry time and again. Their shops would grow and expand.
You see – there was something different about these men. Instead of falling prey to the common mindset of the day, instead of complaining, or placing blame, they instead chose to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
We are surrounded by the evidence of their faith – of their risks and rewards – as we step through the doors of our own shop, modeled after the men who would transform a land of stumps into the beautiful city we call home.
Early Exploration Sketches
The Gentry. 

Foregoing the traditional “company stores,” inspired entrepreneurs to invest in the new town. And invest they did.

Soon, what began as a few wooden structures among a dusty wasteland became one of the most diverse and successful cities in the South. What we now refer to as “Downtown” was then a flurry of development, new ideas, daunting risks and big dreams.
Supporting this surge with cultural investment – the state’s largest art museum, a system of parks to rival any in the nation, and magnificent architecture – the Gentry created for themselves a uniquely southern paradise.
From the grand homes of 5th Avenue, ornate churches – even the Italianate mansion that housed the Eastman-Gardiner Lumber Company headquarters – the Gentry’s belief was out in the open for all to see. It was built brick by brick into a town that would become a Southern treasure.

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