I Need A Pep Talk.
Triple 8 Management requested that I help them design merchandise and packaging for their record, Pep Talks. This record was incredible to be a part of due to the inclusion of several of my favorite artists. Darren King (Mute Math, Lockers and Scary Pockets), Dan Tyminski (Union Station) and Kacey Musgraves were featured on the record.
I also had the privilege of designing the promotional campaign for the record release. One of the locations that the campaign was shown was in Times Square (a bucket-list design goal of mine).
Services Provided:
Art Direction
Album Packaging
Merchandise & Apparel Design
Social Media Campaign Design
Visual Language Buildout
Typographic System Design
Social media artwork that was developed to promote the Pep Talks album.
Folk Hop N' Roll.
In 2017, Good Time Inc. approached me about working on the Folk Hop N’ Roll album cover, as well as several merchandise pieces to promote the album. I also had the pleasure of designing a special release album for Magnolia Record Club with special editions of tracks from the record.
I also was responsible for designing the singles that were released for the record.

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