You're Welcome.
I was tasked with updating the visual brand and identity of Topher’s Burgers & Biscuits in Midtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi. This restaurant is known for their delectable breakfast options and mouth-watering burgers. We created a character based off the name “Topher” that embodies the essence of the brand revitalization. As he smiles, he offers a burger to you straight off the griddle. Instead of giving a “Thank you” to the customer, he confidently and unapologetically states - “You’re Welcome”.
Services Provided:
Identity Design
Brand Design
Brand Design Execution
Environmental Design
How the Sausage is Made.
Drawing inspiration from 30's and 40's cartoon design and brands like Hobo and Sailor, we were able to land on the icon/portrait of Topher that now carries the identity of the brand.

With the flagship restaurant sitting across the street from a university campus, we thought adding the classic "marching mascot" as a brand element could add a certain level of familiarity to the restaurants roots, as well as providing slight snark and comedy to the look.
Explorations and Sketches for the Topher's Primary Identity.
A Versatile System for a Versatile Restaurant.
When constructing the Topher’s identity system, I wanted to make sure that it was versatile enough to use on a variety of applications. Topher’s is not only an excellent burger joint, but their breakfast is untouchable in quality. I created an icon system to use on fry wrappers that could also be used on breakfast platters as well.

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